For medical professionals

We are here to help supply you with the best, fastest PPE we can. If there is anything specific you need please let us know and we will do all we can to source and supply it.

For manufacturers

If you can rapidly manufacture and supply any of the innovations on this site we want to hear from you.

For innovators

If you have thoughts and ideas on how to invent or fabricate effective PPE to help combat COVID-19 please let us know and we can help share knowledge.

Suggested Clear Drape for Shield

To the right are the specifications for clear medical grade drape with adhesive strips to tape  to the shield; many hospitals already have this in stock and/or an established supplier.  However here are other additional suppliers who carry this product

CIA Medical

Tiger Medical

Bees Medical

Whole Surgical

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We are a group of non-profit volunteers who want to enable medical professionals to save lives.

Our contributions are focussed primarily on PPE alternatives for medical professionals in the midst of the pandemic.

There are no costs for any of our services or support.

The intubation Aerobox is an acrylic shield placed over COVID-19 patients during the intubation process.

It works by helping to protect the doctor during the intubation process from the contraction of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

We are working to build a network of manufacturers and local facilities to bring the Aerobox to your hospital or medical practice as quickly as possible.

We already have several suppliers who are ready to quickly fulfill your order for Covid Aerosol Boxes, and are building a broader network of U.S. manufacturers to fill your needs across the country. Click here to select your supplier or click here to get the Covid Aerosol Box open source specifications to build yourself.

DIY PPE Solutions

We want to involve volunteers to leverage innovation and supply from non-traditional sources.

Connecting Professionals

We're helping provide access to the information required to rapidly get solutions to the point of need.

Making a difference

We're moving quickly to save lives: the perfect will not be the enemy of the practical.