Available Innovative Products

Aerosol Barrier & Drapes

The Aerosol Barrier is designed to help reduce the risk of Covid-19 exposure for medical staff and first responders while performing intubations and other risky respiratory procedures. The open sides of the barrier allow for easy access to equipment and the patient, and free maneuverability for the clinician’s hands and arms. A medical grade clear drape attached to the barrier can provide additional protection for the clinician and assisting medical staff.  The portable barrier can be easily disinfected and stored for future reuse.

Aerosol Boxes

Aerosol Boxes can provide an extra layer of protection for medical staff by helping to block the dispersion of Covid-19 laden droplets/spray during respiratory procedures. These boxes can be quickly placed over the head and chest of the patient, and afterwards is easily disinfected for reuse. Aerosol Boxes are being used by over 100 hospitals in the U.S.

Other Innovative Solutions


In some locations, medical staff are using any clear medical grade drapes when other PPE isn't available.

Other medical staff are using clear medical grade drapes in combination with other methods, including the frame technique.

MasksOn, are providing medical staff non-traditional masks to use when other FDA masks are not available.