The Aerosol Sheet

Protecting providers from Covid-19 Aerosols during intubations and nebulizing 

The Covid Aerosol Box is designed to shield Doctors and medical staff from the spray of Covid-19 aerosolized droplets during intubations. This is one of the highest risk procedures medical staff are exposed to with Covid-19 patients. With scarce PPE, the Aerosol Box is reusable and can be disinfected and used again.

This is a NON FDA approved device. This is for use by medical professionals only and at your own risk. The Aerosol Box has been created due to the COVID-19 pandemic with best practices in mind. This design is based off of Dr Yung-Lai’s Aerosol Box and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

How it works

The Covid Aerosol Box is an inexpensive, temporary shield designed to protect medical staff from the dispersion of Covid-19 laden droplets/spray during intubations. The clear box is placed over a patient’s head and shoulders during an intubation, and has holes for the provider’s arms to reach in to do the procedure. Given the scarcity of conventional PPE, the Aerosol Box can be cleaned with a bleach or alcohol based disinfectant and reused.

Capacity to make tens of thousands of units per week and ready to ship nationwide

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When the procedure has been completed, the Aerosol Box can be quickly sterilized with bleach or alcohol based disinfectant and reused for the next patient.

Our selected suppliers have Aerosol Boxes ready to be ordered

Evaluated by Boston Medical Center

Originally designed by Dr. Hsien Yung Lai in Taiwan , the Aerosol Box has been evaluated for use by the Boston Medical Center and is being used in hospitals across America.

See this article at The New England Journal of Medicine: