About us

Protect Covid Staff is a 100% non-profit organization which was started to close the gaps between hospitals and the manufacturers of innovative protective equipment in order to help save the lives of our COVID-19 medical heroes.


Protect Covid Staff does not sell any products – our mission is finding new protective solutions that well-regarded American hospitals are using and sharing with the public; and then sourcing US based manufacturers who will make and sell these products directly to hospitals at a fair price.


On our website we are currently showing two containment devices,  Aerosol Barrier & Drapes and Aerosol Boxes; both products can help provide medical staff with an extra layer of protection when they are doing procedures where there is high risk of contagion from Covid-laden droplets and spray. 


We are volunteers working to help protect the health, and save the lives, of our medical heroes. 

Please note that we have no commercial interest in these manufacturers. Transactions are solely between the hospitals and the manufacturers, and we are not receiving money from anyone.

For all press inquiries please contact susan@forerunnerpr.com