Helping to protect our medical heroes from Covid-19 Aerosols.

We're a 100% non-profit group of volunteers on a mission to help shield hospital staff and first responders.

We're working to close the gaps between hospitals and manufacturers of innovative products that add an extra layer of protection for medical staff by helping to block the dispersion of Covid-19 laden droplets and aerosol during respiratory procedures. 

These products have been evaluated by the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles , Boston Medical Center , the Wake Forest School of Medicine and many other hospitals. 

Aerosol Barrier & Drapes

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Medical staff, First responders

The open sides of the Aerosol Barrier allow easy access to equipment and the patient, and free maneuverability for the clinician’s hands and arms. A medical grade clear drape attached to the barrier provides additional protection. The portable barrier can be easily disinfected and stored for future reuse.

Aerosol Boxes


Medical staff

Aerosol Boxes can be quickly placed over the head and chest of the patient, and afterwards is easily disinfected for reuse. The clear boxes are quickly and easily placed over a patient’s head and shoulders during an intubation, and has holes for the provider’s arms to reach in to do the procedure.

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You can get quotes and buy products directly from the US based manufacturers on this site. There is no middleman and no mark-up, and volume discounts are available. These manufacturers have the specs and will also customize products for you. They are able to ship via overnight delivery to US, Canada and Mexico locations served by standard delivery services.

Please note that we have no commercial interest in these manufacturers. Transactions and any liabilities/ suitability for use are solely between the hospitals and the manufacturers.  For full disclaimer read more here.